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Bus Riders

Bus transportation has one purpose, to transport our children safely to and from school. Riding a bus (school, activity, chartered) is a privilege extended to our students. It is expected that all students obey the bus driver and/or monitor. The behavior and respect for school bus regulations is the responsibility of each student. If a child’s behavior causes a disruption that could harm him/her or others, the privilege may be taken away. It will be the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation to and from school during the suspension period. A video camera is often used to observe student behavior and approaching vehicles. Parents are not allowed to board any school bus or approach the driver during operation. Students should arrive at the bus stop prior to the expected arrival time. Buses may arrive 15 minutes prior to or after expected arrival times.

The safety of all students is of primary importance to the Craven County School System.
All elementary schools will use the following guidelines for releasing students from the bus at the end of the school day.
1. Prekindergarten, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students must be met at the bus stop by a parent or parent designee. (Parent designee being defined as a middle school/high school student or other responsible adult). If there is no parent/parent designee at the bus stop to receive the student the driver must return student to school at the conclusion of their route.

2. Parents/guardians may provide written permission to allow their children in First (1st) and Second (2nd) grades to be released at the bus stop unsupervised. If parental/guardian consent has not been given and there is no parent/parent designee at the bus stop to receive the student the driver must return student to school at the conclusion of their route.

3. Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 may be released at the bus stop without an adult present.

4. Bus drivers have the discretion to return any student to school if conditions at the bus stop look unfavorable or extenuating circumstances warrant the need for the student to be returned to school.

5. After the third incident of failure to comply with the above guidelines, students may lose their bus riding privileges.

Bus Rules and Expectations for Passenger Safety
Board promptly. Be at your stop on time. DO NOT delay the bus. Drivers can’t wait for students.
Store belongings properly. Keep aisles free from books, book bags, hands, and feet. Do not put any objects out the bus windows, including hands, feet, etc.
Be respectful and courteous. Use an inside voice, no loud talking or inappropriate language/gestures to your schoolmates, driver, or passing motorist. No food, drink, or gum.
Stay in your assigned seat. Only at your stop should you get up from your seat. Students are not allowed to switch seats during the operation of the bus or at any time without driver permission.
All school rules apply on the bus and at the bus stop.
Drivers reserve the right to add to the above list as they see fit to ensure the safety of the bus. Our drivers are available for scheduled conferences by calling the main office at 514-6475.

Bus stops are not determined by the driver and therefore are not within their control. If you have a legitimate bus stop appeal, you may contact the school for information on the appeals process.

1st offense- bus driver talks privately to student
2nd offense- Referrral to administration and parent/guardian contact.
3rd offense- referral to administration/3-5 day suspension from bus (administration discretion)
4th offense- 5-10 days of bus suspension (administration discretion)
5th offense- Possible suspension of bus riding privileges for the remainder of the year.

Serious misbehavior on the bus may also be cause for suspension or expulsion from school. Students misbehaving before and after school while waiting for the bus can result in loss of riding privileges.